Tailored Solutions for Healing and Skin Transformation

While some skin conditions may be considered common, the fact is, no two people experience them in exactly the same way.  Mass market products often fail to deliver on their promise because they attempt to apply blanket solutions to the complex and highly individual root causes of skin conditions.

Perhaps more concerning, most of these products are made with perfumes, dyes, parabens, and other preservative chemicals to keep them viable while they sit on store shelves waiting to be purchased.  Far from providing a benefit to the skin, these additives can actually worsen existing conditions and even create new ones.

The Apothecary Skin Bar represents an evolution in cosmeceutical skin care with products created fresh on site and on demand, when you need them in quantities that retain potency throughout their use and eliminate waste to ensure the best possible value and overall result.

Unlike any other cosmetic product in the marketplace our custom formulations are created without preservatives, perfumes, emulsifiers, silicones, mineral oils, colorants, amines or any other harmful additives. This is one step beyond cosmeceutical skin care.

How is it done?

Designing the right treatment for you means really getting to know you.

The first step toward skin transformation is an in-depth consultation and Skin Health Assessment, performed by a Qualified Cosmetic Dermal Therapist. The resulting data is carefully analyzed to ensure that due consideration is given to any pre-existing health conditions, contra-indications, allergy risks, and other possible contributing factors such as diet, lifestyle and stress level.

Based on the results of your assessment we create one or more custom formulated products, tailored specifically for you and designed to target the underlying causes of your skin concern while minimizing flare ups.  The goal here is to address skin conditions in their entirety and not merely on a symptom by symptom basis.

Our Point Of Difference

The Apothecary Skin Bar utilizes recent breakthroughs in Dermal Science, including advanced delivery systems, pure ingredients, and highly potent clinically proven actives to create custom formulations that aid ailing skin from the cellular level up. The right formulation will strengthen existing tissue, heal and prevent damage, and support regular cellular function, all while amplifying normal collagen and elastin production for fast, dramatic improvements in the overall health, look, and vitality of your skin.

When it comes to making pronounced and lasting changes in your skin, knowledge is key.

A qualified practitioner will know which ingredients are present in the products they suggest for you, how those ingredients work in your skin, and what you can expect to experience while using them. At Natural Skin Solutions we have the expertise and experience not only to design the right products for you, but also to explain why they’re right and how they will work.  We help you to better understand your skin condition and give you the knowledge and tools to deal with it more effectively.

Clinically Proven Technology

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