What’s in your skin care?

Natural Skin Solutions is the first clinic in Vancouver to offer the unique service of Qualified Product Review by an internationally qualified Cosmetic Dermal Therapist.

We encourage you to bring in your current skin care products to ensure that the ingredients listed on the label are working for your skin and not against it. This is an extremely important step in the treatment process as 90% of the time the ingredients in your skin care products are actually working against your natural skin physiology, resulting in decreased immune function, impaired skin barrier and speeding of the natural aging process.

There are a number of factors that can serve, individually or collectively, to compromise our skin’s ability to heal and maintain normal daily functions. In fact, without even being aware of it most of us have allowed and even cultivated dysfunction in our skin through diet, stress, environment and well intended but, improper use of skin care products. Using the wrong products or even the right products in the wrong way, may not only worsen existing skin conditions, but can also lead to new ones.

What are toxic chemicals doing to your skin?

Artificial ingredients, especially colors, fragrances, and preservatives produce inflammation in the skin which steals the skins food supply making it unable to properly repair itself. When inflammation from a toxic presence occurs, your skin’s resources are tied up dealing with the newly created inflammation and are not available to contribute to the repair of existing damage or for normal cell regeneration.

The build up of toxic chemicals, found in many commonly used products, can lead to impaired immune function and the eventual breakdown of skin structures and their supportive network. This results in a variety of skin concerns including acneic, aged, wrinkled, and sensitive skin.

What should my skin care products achieve?

Your skin care ingredients should be designed to calm inflammation while maintaining epidermal integrity to maximize and focus the skin’s repair efforts on pre-existing conditions without creating new ones.  

How do I ensure the long term health of my skin?

It is essential to understand that the way to healthy, well functioning skin is through ensuring proper cell nutrition and the most efficient and direct way to feed your skin cells is through Topical Nutrition Therapy and non invasive rejuvenation techniques.

This is why we offer the unique service of product review. We encourage you to bring in your current products to ensure that the ingredients contained within are working for your skin and not against it. Amy will review your skin care products and analyze the ingredients to ensure they support the current and long term health of your skin. If your current skin care products do meet the standard for increasing and maintaing optimal skin health, we will simply create one for you that does. Click here to learn more about the concept of Custom Formulations or visit our Apothecary Skin Bar for more details.

The process of building beautiful healthy skin begins with an in depth consultation followed by a customized Skin Health Plan.

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