1. Professional Boosters

All of the procedures at Natural Skin Solutions can be combined with professional strength treatment boosters such as Cell Food Boosters, Infusion Masks and Nutrition Infusions to significantly enhance your treatment results. These professional strength booster treatments are designed to target specific skin conditions and work at a cellular level to promote skin health by assisting in DNA repair, tissue remodelling and general skin rejuvenation.

2. Home Care Strategy

Cosmetic Rollers (0.2mm-0.3mm) can be used at home on a weekly basis to further stimulate collagen and elastin production, increase hydration levels, and minimize pigmentation. The cosmetic roller gently exfoliates the superficial layers of the skin (epidermis) which allows for 1000x more absorption of your skin care serums enhancing the benefits of your skin care products.

3. Skin Care Support


Maintaining healthy looking skin is a daily task. Both a healthy lifestyle and the proper skin care regimen are necessary to maintain your results. Once your skin has completely healed from your treatment, daily skin care should include a gentle cleanser, antioxidant serum, hydrating moisturizer and natural sun block to further assist and enhance the result from your skin care treatment. It’s important to use the right type of products which support cell health and work with your skin care goals to create healthy glowing skin.


The most important step in your homecare routine should be the inclusion of transformation products. These skin care products contain potent cellular complexes which are specifically designed to correct skin conditions and work at a cellular level to assist DNA repair which supports cell health and skin rejuvenation. They include nutritional powder blends, enzymes, amino acids, mineral co-factors and topical growth factors.


Natural Skin Solutions is committed to the science of maintaining and restoring healthy beautiful skin the natural way.  Gone are the days of a blanket approach to skin care, we realize that, like fingerprints, everyone has different skin and each of our custom formulations reflect this individuality. Our Custom Formulations are individually tailored to target the specific causes of skin concerns and designed to work in partnership with ailing skin structures for dramatic improvements in the overall health, look, and vitality of your skin. Visit our Apothecary Skin Bar to learn more.

How do I choose the best product for my skin care goals?

During your first visit, Amy will provide you with a complementary Skin Health Assessment & Qualified Product Review to assess your overall skin condition and to ensure your current skin care products support your skin care needs. She will advise you on the best skin care treatments to follow, as well as recommend a step by step home care program to help you achieve and maintain youthful and healthy skin.

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