What is Topical Cell Therapy?

Topical Cell Therapy (TCT) is the micro-biology based alternative to invasive treatment methods such as fillers, injections, IPL and ablative and laser treatments.

It is a single treatment with two methods of action designed to stimulate the body’s own rejuvenation process while delivering essential nutrients and powerful growth factors directly to the depth at which they can be utilized.

How does Topical Cell Therapy work?

The treatment begins with a session of Medical Skin Needling and is followed by the application of Topical Cell Nutrition which comes in two forms:

1) Cell Food Boosters: These contain potent cell complexes which address all of a developing cells nutritional requirement and are designed to regulate cell function.  This product uses the latest in Encapsulation Technology to ensure stabilization and maximum penetration.

2) Infusion Masks: These are clinical grade treatment masks which contain high potency active ingredients and are customized to address unwanted symptoms.  These infusions treat and correct skin conditions and restore skin to a healthy functioning state.


    • Increases production of new skin cells = stimulates natural rejuvenation
    • Re-activates stem cells = stimulates new skin cell production
    • DNA / RNA repair = minimizes skin abnormalities
    • Stimulates cell communication = regulates cell functions
    • Increases natural collagen production = strengthens connective tissue
    • Promotes cell detoxification = improves immune function
    • Increases Glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s) = increases hydration levels
    • Strengthens vascular network = increases circulation & food supply


Who can benefit?

TCT is both a corrective and preventative treatment which can be customized to address several skin conditions such as RosaceaScars, Melasma, Stretch Marks, Thinning Hair, Sun Damage and Aged Skin.

TCT is safe for use on every skin type, at any age, on all areas of the face and body.  It is proven to produce dramatic collagen increases even in peri and post Menopausal women for whom collagen production has drastically slowed down.

It is especially popular among Men due to its non-invasive nature, great results, and minimal down time.

How effective is Topical Cell Therapy?

TCT typically provides a 70-90% improvement in the condition being treated.  The collagen that results from TCT is long lasting (remaining for five to ten years) and accumulative, so when TCT is used consistently over time the body actually creates and stores more collagen than it loses, effectively allowing us to maintain youthful collagen levels throughout our lives.

What makes Topical Cell Therapy so safe?

TCT carries no risk of scarring, photosensitivity or undesirable pigment changes.  This is a major distinguishing safety feature between TCT and ablative procedures and is of particular value to those with darker skin for whom post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is of greatest concern.

How many treatments will I need?

Three to four sessions are recommended for optimal results. TCT is performed at monthly intervals over a period of 3-6 months. One to two maintenance sessions per year are advised as part of a proactive approach to skin health and general aging.

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