Leaders In Technology

Todays advancements with Nanotechnology, Stem Cells, and Growth Factor research, have given us new insight into the mechanisms of gene expression and cell communication, greatly expanding our understanding of the true causes of dermal aging and skin dysfunction, and giving us a whole new way to address them.

Armed with this new understanding, Natural Skin Solutions has turned our attention inward, developing new treatments that work at the cellular level to repair and protect DNA, and to feed and speed cellular output by delivering vital nutrients and growth factors directly to active cells. Amy’s latest treatment innovation, Topical Cell Therapy, combines years of experience with Medical Skin Needling and bio-active therapies to create a new leading edge in skin care.

Unique Approach

Natural Skin Solutions is the first clinic in Vancouver to offer the unique service of Qualified Product Review. We encourage you to bring in your current skin care products to ensure that ALL the ingredients listed on the label are working for your skin and not against it. This is an extremely important step in the treatment process as 90% of the time the ingredients in your skin care products are actually working against your natural skin physiology, resulting in decreased immune function, impaired skin barrier and speeding of the natural aging process. If your current skin care products do meet the standard for increasing and maintaing optimal skin health, we will simply create one for you that does. Read below for more details.

Custom Formulations

Natural Skin Solutions is committed to the science of maintaining and restoring healthy beautiful skin the natural way.  Gone are the days of a blanket approach to skin care, we realize that, like fingerprints, everyone has different skin and each of our custom formulations reflect this individuality. We combine qualified in-depth assessments with groundbreaking technology, pure ingredients, and clinically proven actives to create custom formulated products on site and on demand.

Our Custom Formulations are individually tailored to target the specific causes of skin concerns and designed to work in partnership with ailing skin structures for dramatic improvements in the overall health, look, and vitality of your skin. Visit our Apothecary Skin Bar for more details.

Extensive Background

Amy Chalmers  is an internationally qualified Cosmetic Dermal Therapist and the founder of Natural Skin Solutions. With her extensive background as a clinical trainer, product formulator, researcher and consultant, she now specializes in developing and delivering natural alternatives to invasive and ablative cosmetic procedures such as cosmetic surgery, Botox and temporary injectables.

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